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The Fork In The Road

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The main index page offers links to 14 different categories to give an overview of what's available in the area.

Entries are shown with name, address, and phone number and a link to the specific block they're on where maps exist.

As time passes we will be sorting, correcting, and updating the data on each individual page to give better detail on what each business, resource, or is about.

With over 700 entries to deal with, this will take a little time.

The categories include information about retailers, service providers, over 80 restaurants and coffee shops, the neighbourhood, area history, links to area residents' personal web sites, etc.

Until the data we have gathered is all sorted into sub-categories and geographic location, the entries are listed alphabetically.

Map Central

The block maps offer a 'virtual' view of each block that features public-access businesses, services, resources, stores, restaurants, etc.

The locations are shown in an approximate placement on their block to offer an overview of the area.

This feature can help you to plan your trip before you go, to help you to find the name of 'that really cool place', or just let you know what's here.

The main map shows the whole area, with boundaries of Powell St. North to 18th Ave. South and Clark Dr. West to Victoria Dr. East.

Click on selected blocks on the main map for a close-up of that block. Clickable blocks are marked by a red dot and web sites in the area marked by a green dot.

Because there are so many blocks to map out, it will be a while until they're completed.

In the meantime, sample a taste of the The Drive with our maps that are available.

Take me there!! Take me there!!

Please feel free to submit info about anyone we've missed or to correct any errors.

Have a business in the area and want a web site? Check out our Rates and Services.


Category List and DescriptionsBack HomeMap Central
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