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I’ll Make It Up to You Hear This Song

Darling I’m a fool to ever think I treated you right

Everything I put you through wasn’t worth the fight

Well if time is the healer I’ve been biding my time

Since my life hit bottom darling I’ve trying to get it in line

I know I’ve hurt you so bad so deep down inside

I’ll make it up to you

I’ll make it up to you

If it takes the rest of my life

I’ll make it up to you

When our hearts find each other it will be our pot of gold

Nothing could come between us together we will grow old

If the Lord is my shepherd I need not run and hide

When the reins of life are too hard to handle he will be right there by my side Darling I still love you and this I want to say

  1. I'm On Fire
  2. Only Heaven Knows
  3. Can't Live This Way
  4. Gypsy In My Heart
  5. I'm Not Impressed
  6. Soldier Of Love
  7. Give It All You Got
  8. Coming Back To You
  9. Lookout
  10. I'll Make It Up To You

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