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Lookout Hear This Song

There lurks a danger in his eyes

A loaded gun and a poisoned mind

Lives by the moon and it’s full tonight

Possessed by the ghost of midnight

His heart pounding like a drum

The voices calling and he’s on the run

Like a junkie with a fix on an overload

A human time bomb ready to explode

Lookout Lookout Lookout

There’s a madness on our street Sick society giving me the creeps Lost souls searching for something to believe When all hope is gone it’s too late to grieve It comes on like a hurricane The blood rushing through your veins Heart’s pumping to numb the pain

Out of control like a runaway train

  1. I'm On Fire
  2. Only Heaven Knows
  3. Can't Live This Way
  4. Gypsy In My Heart
  5. I'm Not Impressed
  6. Soldier Of Love
  7. Give It All You Got
  8. Coming Back To You
  9. Lookout
  10. I'll Make It Up To You

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