Commercial Drive, Vancouver
1700-2000 Blocks Commercial Drive
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1600 E. First Ave.           1700 E. First Ave.
Royal Bank
1715 Commercial

Star Weekly
1721 Commercial

J N &Z Deli
1729 Commercial

Turistano International Travel
1733 Commercial

Pronta Moda Hair Studio
1735 Commercial

Café Calabria
1743 Commercial

La Grotta Deli
1791 Commercial

1795 Commercial

Continental Barbers
1700 Commercial

Columbus World Travel
1703 Commercial

1710 Commercial

Arctic Meat
1714 Commercial

El Suren
1730 Commercial

Spumantec’s Café
1736 Commercial

1736 Commercial

Vito’s Pastry Shop
1748 Commercial

1752 Commercial

1600 E. Second Ave. 1700 E. Second Ave.
1800 Commercial Drive
1600 E. Second Ave.

Bus Stop
      Bus Stop

1700 E. Second Ave.

Food Warehouse
1803 Commercial

Caffé Italia
1815 Commercial

1839 Commercial

Vancouver Quartz Jewelers
1851 Commercial

Baires Café
1855 Commercial

Mexican Style Chicken
1859 Commercial

Nuff Nice Ness
1861 Commercial

Style Studio
1865 Commercial

Marks Pet Stop
1875 Commercial

Belgian Fries
1885 Commercial

Money Mart
1895 Commercial

Continental Coffee
1800 Commercial

Falcone Bros. Meat Market
1810 Commercial

Anthony – Bennett Insurance
1812 Commercial

Grandview Billiards
1816 Commercial

Grandview Deli
1824 Commercial

Gazza Hair Design
1830 Commercial

Tinos Barber
1836 Commercial

Commercial Drug Mart
1850 Commercial
1600 E. Third Ave. 1700 E. Third Ave.
1900 Commercial Drive
1600 E. Third Ave.           1700 E.Third Ave.

Hi-Light Auto Body
1905 Commercial

Chiropractor U.G. Sam
1929 Commercial

1937 Commercial

Selam Café
1945 Commercial

Franks Hairstyling
1949 Commercial

Coastal Food Market
1961 Commercial

Emy Hair salon
1969 Commercial

Steves’s Tailoring and Dry Cleaning
1977 Commercial

Café Asmara
1993 Commercial

Lews Grocery
1997 Commercial

The First Ravioli Store
1900 Commercial

Oranda Aquarium and pet store
1906 Commercial

Launder Case Laundromat
1910 Commercial

G & D food market
1910A Commercial

Olly’s Hair Salon
1912 Commercial

Golden Boys Pizza
1914 Commercial

PJAX Souvlaki
1918 Commercial

Gatsby, Russian & Ukrainian
1938 Commercial
1600 E. Fourth Ave 1700 E. Fourth Ave
2000 Commercial Drive
1600 E. Fourth Ave

Bus Stop
      Bus Stop

1700 E. Fourth Ave

1600 E. 5th Ave. 1700 E. 5th Ave.

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This does not represent an accurate layout of the blocks, just an approximation of the location of each business based on address.

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