Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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Dream Designs Co. Ltd.
Magpie Magazines
Public Dreams Society
Turk's on The Drive
Vancouver East Cultural Centre


600 Block Commercial Drive
800 Block Commercial Drive
900-1200 Blocks Commercial Drive
1300 - 1600 Blocks Commercial Drive
1700 - 2000 Blocks Commercial Drive

Virtual Tour - Panoramas

These panoramic images can be seen in two ways:

  1. To view the 360º wrapped panoramas you will need to be using a Java-enabled browser. Netscape 3.0 and above or MS Internet Explorer 3.0 and above will work fine. With it you can control the viewpoint (left, right, up or down) using your mouse or keyboard commands allowing you to 'look around' the area. You can also click to other panoramas which are inter-linked, effectively giving you a 'virtual tour'.
  2. You can view them without the viewer just like any other web-based image but the image has been 'unwrapped' causing it to appear curved.

Turk's on The Drive
Commercial & Charles
Britannia Centre North
Britannia Centre South

Click the links above to see the panoramas. If your browser isn't Java-enabled they won't appear as panoramas. The links to the standard images are on the individual pages.

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Venables & Commercial
Parker & Commercial
Napier & Commercial
William & Commercial
74 Entries
Parts, Service, Body Shops, New & Used Car Dealers, Gas Stations, Tires, Glass, Stereos, Alarms, Accessories, Towing, Car Washes.
10 Entries
Bank Branches, ATM Cash Machines, Cheque Cashing Services.
46 Entries
Bars, Lounges, Pubs, Beer & Wine Stores, Liquor Stores, Licensed Restaurants.
Grandview-Woodland information, history, community services and associations.
Live Theatre, Live Music, Cinema, Fringe Festival, Illuminaires, Parade of Lost Souls, Vancouver East Cultural Centre.
Personal web sites of area residents, links to other neighbouhood web sites around Vancouver, across the country and around the world.
Restaurants and Cafés
82 Entries
Coffee, Cappuccino, Snacks, Desserts, Fast Food, Ethnic Cuisine, Health Food, Casual Meals, Fine Dining.
70 Entries
General Retail, Including New, Pre-owned, & Antique Furniture, Housewares, Hardware, Glass, Electronics, Magazines, Books, Musical Instruments, Trinkets, Amusing Widgets, Sundries, Collectibles.
138 Entries
Hair & Beauty Salons, Barbers, Dry Cleaning, etc.
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