Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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This area is devoted to any and all in the people in the area with personal web sites. Submit your site address and we will post a link*.

Stop in on one of the neighbours. You never know what you'll find!

You can also visit the other neighbourhood sites we've made contact with.

English Bay, Vancouver
Kerrisdale Online
Bronte Village, Oakville, Ontario

What and Where Who
Venus is a local Bellydancer who lives in the area and has a web site at
"A.M. Dellamonica Explains the Human Brain"' at  A.M. Dellamonica
Sharon's page is at Sharon
"Come visit our website at At the very least, you'll discover just how strange we are!" Chris and Michelle
See Wendy's art, which includes sculpting and painting, as well as info on the band Punchdrunk at Wendy Thirteen
The Lunatic behind this site Rod
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