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Sample the fine flavours found throughout the area. Some of the finest cafes and restaurants the city has to offer await you. Click on the address to see what else is on that block.

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Andy's Bakery 931 Commercial
Aran Spelt Bakery 1692 Venables Street
Arriva Ristorante 1537 Commercial
Bagel Street Café 1468 Commercial
Bake-Dell The 1610 Commercial
Belgian Fries 1885 Commercial
Brave Bull's House Of Steaks 1294 E Hastings
Bukowski's 1447 Commercial
Busy Kitchen Coffee Shop 1345 Venables
Cafe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial
Cafe Du Soleil 1393 Commercial
Cafe Italia 1815 Commercial
Caffe Bella Napoli 1670 Commercial
Calabria Bar 1815 Commercial
Carmelo's Pastry Shop 1399 Commercial
Circling Dawn Restaurant 1045 Commercial
Coloiera Coffee 2206 Commercial
Continental Coffee 2 1806 Commercial
Cottage Restaurant 1441 Commercial
Delphi Steak & Pizza 1500 E Hastings
Eagle Grill 1889 Powell
El Cocal 1037 Commercial
Europa Deli Restaurant 1495 Franklin
Fets Pasta Bar & Grill
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Weekend Brunch
- Patio
1230 Commercial
Four Wings Restaurant 2260 Commercial
Georgia Coffee Bar 1326 E Georgia
Golden Boys Pizza 19 Commercial
Gourmet Croissant 1839 Franklin
Grandview Deli 1824 Commercial
Greek Express Restaurant Ltd 1641 Commercial
Havana Restaurant 1212 Commercial
Home Of Sub Shop The 1044 Commercial
Hot Pepper Cafe 1206 Commercial
Italian Pizza 1918 Commercial
J B's Sandwich Shop 1719 Franklin
J N & Z Deli 1729 Commercial
La Grotta 1791 Commercial
La Rocca Ristorante Italiano 1565 Commercial
Latin Quarter Restaurant 1305 Commercial
Lombardo's Pizzeria & Restaurant 1641 Commercial
Marcello's Pizzeria 1404 Commercial
Masius Bakery Restaurant 1268 Commercial
McDonalds 2560 Commercial
Milano Coffees Ltd 1437 Commercial
Nazare B Bq Mexican Chicken 1859 Commercial
New Snow Garden Restaurant 2068 Commercial
Nick's Spaghetti House 631 Commercial
Not Just Desserts 1638 E Broadway
Old Europe Restaurant 1608 Commercial
Paris Bakery 1403 Commercial
Patels Specialty 2210 Commercial
Pelican Seafood Restaurant 1895 E Hastings
Pizza Garden 1042 commercial
Pizza King The 1464 E Broadway
Plum Garden 1528 Venables
Renato Pastry Shop 1795 Commercial
Richie's Continental Cuisine 1279 E Hastings
Salad Rolls The 1641 Commercial
Sang Restaurant 2068 Commercial
Santos Tapas Restaurants 1191 Commercial
Skylight Restaurant 1012 Commercial
Sortino's Ristorante Italiano 1130 Commercial
Spumante's Café 1736 Commercial
Star Café 1869 Powell
Starbucks 1752 Commercial
Starbucks 2517 Commercial
Subway 1296 Commercial
Sushi Inn 1179 Commercial
Sushiman 25 Victoria
Sweet Cherubim Natural Food 1105 Commercial
Szechuan Chongqing Restaurant 2808 Commercial
Tan's Saigon Cuisine 1016 Commercial
Tio Pepe's Restaurante Mexicano 1134 Commercial
Tony's Deli 1046 Commercial
Toody-Ni Grill & Catering 1607 E Hastings
Truck Stop Café 1046 Clark
Turk's On The Drive 1267 Commercial
Uprising Breads 1697 Venables
Vito's Pastry Shop 1748 Commercial
Waazubee Café 1622 Commercial
Young Sandwich Store 370 Victoria
Zesty Café 920 Commercial
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