Commercial Drive, Vancouver
900 - 1200 Blocks Commercial Drive
800 Block
1600 Venables St.        

1700 Venables St.

Food Stop
901 Commercial

Desserts Falafel
905 Commercial

Urban Native Market
931 Commercial

Daad Donair
933 Commercial

Andy's Bakery Ltd.
935 Commercial

La Bamba CDs
937 Commercial

941 Commercial

Sunrise Pizza & Steak House
949 Commercial

Zesty Cafe
920 Commercial

Albert's Second Hand Store
940 Commercial

Attic Treasures
944 Commercial

Babic Electric
952 Commercial

Dream Designs
Dream Designs
956 Commercial

1600 Parker St. 1700 Parker St.

Britannia Community Centre
Britannia Community School
1600 Parker St.

Bus Stop
      Bus Stop

1700 Parker St.
The Peg General Store
1003 Commercial

Shop at Cosmopolis
Cosmopolis Gallery
1009 Commercial

La Belle Supply Co Ltd.
1025 Commercial

Circling Dawn
1035 Commercial

El Cocal
1037 Commercial

Circling Dawn Natural Food Restaurant
Circling Dawn Natural Food Store

1045 Commercial

Diva Trading
1000 Commercial

Dutch Girl Chocolates
1002 Commercial

Dollar Store
1014 Commercial

Skylight Restaurant
1012 Commercial

Tan's Saigon Cuisine
1016 Commercial

Saveco Sporting Goods
1018 Commercial

Vigo Remittance
1020 Commercial

East End Food Co-Op
1034 Commercial

Manufacturers' Outlet
1036 Commercial

H & K Pizza Garden
1042 Commercial

Home Of Sub Shop
1044 Commercial

Tony's Deli
1046 Commercial

1600 Napier St. 1700 Napier St.
Britannia Community Centre
Britannia Community School
1600 Napier St.           1700 Napier St.
Sweet Cherubim Natural Food Store

East Feast Restaurant
1105 Commercial

Bennett Cole Adjusters Ltd.

Colin G Morris CGA

Dolphin Insurance Services Inc
1109 Commercial

1111 Commercial

Multi-Cultural Family Centre
1135 Commercial

Reach Community Health Centre

Reach Dental Clinic
1145 Commercial

1161 Commercial

Sushi Inn
1179 Commercial

Metropolitan Insurance Service
1181 Commercial

Santos Tapas Restaurant
1191 Commercial

Florida Market
1102 Commercial

Urban Empire
1108 Commercial

Super Wedge Pizza
1110 Commercial

Joji's Hair Salon
1124 Commercial

Joji's Hair School
1126 Commercial

Sortino's Ristorante Italiano
1130 Commercial

Tio Pepe's Restaurante Mexicano
1134 Commercial

Bach Cung Beauty Salon
1136 Commercial

Portuguese Club Of Vancouver
1144 Commercial

1180 Commercial

Joe's Continental Coffee
1190 Commercial

1600 William St. 1700 William St.
Britannia Community Centre
Britannia Community School
1600 William St.

Bus Stop
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Bus Stop

1700 William St.

1204 Commercial

Hot Pepper Cafe
1206 Commercial

Havana Gallery
Havana Restaurant
1212 Commercial

Fets Pasta Bar and Grill
Fets Pasta Bar & Grill
1230 Commercial


Universal Health
1250 Commercial

1256 Commercial

Masius Bakery Cafe
1260 Commercial

1268 Commercial

Turk's on The Drive - Coffee for the Connoisseur
Turk's Coffee Bar
1276 Commercial

Sophie's Pet Supply
1271 Commercial

1290 Commercial

1600 Charles 1700 Charles
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This does not represent an accurate layout of the blocks, just an approximation of the location of each business based on address.

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