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Virtual Tour of Britannia Centre
There are 2 panoramas available of the Britannia Centre and more will follow.
The existing images can be viewed as 360 'wrap-arounds', also known as a 'vista', which requires a Java-enabled browser (which requires a 32 BIT operating system - to check if your browser is Java-enabled roll over the buttons at the top of the page. If they change, your browser will work. If not, you'll have to download and install a newer version of either Netscape Navigator 3 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 or higher.
These vistas allow you to control the viewpoint with your mouse and/or keyboard, moving left to right, up or down, as well as zooming in or out.
You can also click on designated 'hotspots' within the vista to link to another vista that is a different viewpoint of the same area, effectively creating a 'virtual tour' of the space.
These images can also be seen without the viewer, although they appear warped due to the lack of the 'wrapping' action the viewer performs.
Note: If you have access to a printer, print the flattened versions (be sure to put your printer settings on 'landscape' mode) and you can wrap them around to make a mini-panorama of your own.
Britannia Branch of the Vancouver Public Library
Many thanks to Librarian Wendy Graham for her support, encouragement and incidental proof-reading! The handout from the April Internet seminar is available here.
Britannia Community Services Centre
Community Centre, map, etc. We have just begun building the new site for Britannia Centre. It will (hopefully) be online soon. It will include updated Centre schedules and more on the Centre in general.

Britannia Community Police Office

Map of Britannia Centre
Parts of this map are click-able. Run your mouse over it to see where to click.

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